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Playing With Gravity

Playing With Gravity

Article number: Joan Kunsch
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This book was written by Nutmeg own teacher and choreographer, Joan Kunsch.

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Written by Nutmeg Conservatory's teacher and choreographer, Joan Kunsch.  This book is a series of Poetry and translations. 

"This book is wonderful.  I have read all the poems at least twice, some three or four times - to myself and to my wife.  They are moving, beautiful, startling, and sometimes very funny.  The range is extraordinary, from ht dirge for a friend murdered in Zimbabwe to the ode to chocolate.  The short ones are delightful and the long ones grand."  - Charles Van Doren

"Joan Kunsch writes, 'The one who haunts me is never twice the same...'  How true.  As she dances, mourns, reflects, travels, and translates, her readers too may be haunted by these poems and indeed, never quite the same, thanks to this fine collection."  - Susan Kinsolving

"My delight in Joan Kunsch's poetry lies in her ability to capture the moment of experience, be it of the past or the present, of Torrington or the Arctic tundra."  - Ann Hutchinson Guest